Tenant Representation

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Retailers often look to Jeffrey R. Anderson Real Estate, Inc. to help them grow and manage their business nationwide through strategic site evaluation and selection.

Navigating the volume of space available and managing lease negotiations is a daunting task for a merchant who truly just wants to run their business – not become overly entangled in the effort required to select and negotiate the appropriate real estate.

As an exclusive Tenant Representative, we help tenants find the right markets, in the right centers, with the right size spaces, with the appropriate co-tenants, at the right price.

Real estate is what we do. But so is being a retailer—we own and operate retail and restaurant concepts. That allows us to bring a unique perspective and understanding to what tenants are seeking out of their real estate locations while being mindful of their business demands.

Jeffrey R. Anderson Real Estate, Inc. has always been a tenant-driven company. Representing the tenant side of the business is yet another service our Leasing team has become known for nationwide.

Contact us today to see how Anderson Real Estate can help you navigate the real estate industry.